Our experience in the medical industry has taught us how your practice, lab or hospital can be compromised resulting in a compliance violation. HIPAA and other industry requirements are more technology-centric and dictate that a written plan, including regular technology audits, be available at all times along with an updated 'checklist' to show that you are following your plan. We assist you in creating a compliance plan and a training document relating to your use of technology.

"We have been using Accelera IT Solutions for several years now. They are prompt to respond, even for the littlest of matters, and complete the task at hand in a timely manner. Their team is highly professional and personable and their support and maintenance works extremely well for us as a small organization. Our staff are not IT specialists and Accelera Data Systems gives us the freedom to get on with what we're good at. They have helped us with a major move and everything went smooth always working on our schedule, not theirs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Accelera to any company looking for expert, professional advice and computer support. "

– Joyce Romig, Office Manager, Arrowhead Women's Center

How often should you be backing up your patient and office data? It's a great question with several options, including how much data you have and how long you can go . . .

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Our 3-step plan for protecting your company and patients:


HIPAA and other compliance plans

We meet with your key staff to develop a plan to become and stay compliant for HIPAA and other industry requirements. Technology is becoming a larger part of HIPAA compliance and a larger source of violations. Proper and continual staff training documents in addition to a monthly and quarterly "check-list" of items to be observed are created for your management team. We also run quarterly deep network scans to make sure there are no "open doors' on your network.


Secure remote access to patient data

One of the advantage of advancing technology is the ability to have anywhere, anytime access to your data. However, with remote access comes the opportunity for a security breakdown. We work with you to develop an "acceptable use" policy regarding remote access via laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. Our goal is to help you take advantage of the increased productivity and freedom that technology offers, without getting burned by compliance violations.


An R&D partner for new hardware and software

There are so many software programs available to run your business — cloud-based and on-site. We help you determine the best software to manage your practice, lab or hospital. We also work with you to determine which computers, servers, tablets and other hardware you should be purchasing to create a secure data environment and help your staff be productive.

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