The legal profession landscape is changing rapidly with the introduction of new technologies aimed at helping you be more efficient. However, as client files, legal documents and internal company memos become increasingly digital, the need to protect sensitive data becomes the primary concern. We specialize in creating plans to protect your data and manage user permissions for local and cloud-based data access. From a private cloud server in your office to secure online folders, we'll work to ensure your client data stays private, while still being accessible from anywhere.

"Accelera IT Solutions has managed our computers and email systems for several years and we appreciate their attentiveness and ability to solve computer and software problems. They set up redundant backups for us to make sure our client case files are never lost, or if we delete something, it can be quickly recovered. They have helped us modernize how we access our case files and implemented new software to increase office efficiencies. We also appreciate that they are available on nights and weekends to help us meet case deadlines."

– Regina Pangerl, Managing Attorney, Pangerl Law firm

How often should you be backing up your patient and office data? It's a great question with several options, including how much data you have and how long you can go . . .

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Our 3-step plan for advancing your growth :


Anywhere access to your client data

One of the advantages of digital documents is anywhere/anytime access. Legal firms generate a lot of paperwork. We'll design a workflow for you using digital scanners, a local secure storage server and secure online folders that allow for permission-based access to any document at your firm. Real-time access to documents will help you serve clients more efficiently and professionally. You'll never have to worry about leaving a key file at the office when you're in court or at the office of opposing counsel.


Managing access to client data by your staff

One of the greatest liabilities for any law firm is unapproved access to client data by a staff member who doesn't have permission. We'll develop and implement a digital audit system that will track the flow of documents throughout your office. You'll be able to assign digital client files and folders to specific employees and interns without concern for unapproved access. You'll be able to better collaborate by instituting a 'check-in and check-out' process for all documents to catch problems before they jeopardize a client or case.


Setting up an acceptable use policy

Your industry has a wide range of employees: attorney, paralegal, part time, full time, experienced, intern, etc. Setting up a strong 'acceptable use' policy for your technology will help to ensure minimal problems with compliance and downtime. All employees need to understand and adhere to your computer and software usage policy to protect client and court data. We'll work with your key staff members to develop your policy and then provide audit reports to ensure that all staff are using technology correctly and protecting against potential liability.

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