Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

If your computers, servers, routers, etc. aren't running correctly, it slows down the work day, resulting in lost productivity, lost data and lost customers. We monitor every device on your network in real time to ensure that problems lurking in the background never surface so you can concentrate on what you do best, knowing that your technology will continue to support you. As your computers and network become more intricate, complex and more vital to your operations, you need to have an IT partner who is vigilant in making sure any downtime is at an absolute minimum.


“While companies that outsource IT services enjoy many benefits, saving money is one of the most compelling reasons for doing so. Outsourcing helps control capital outlay, especially in the early years of operations. IT services make up fixed costs for companies that do not outsource. Businesses that choose to outsource IT, whether offshore or through a local contractor, convert those fixed expenses to variable ones, freeing up capital for use in other areas.”
- Samantha Gluck – Demand Media

Managed IT Services for mobile devices

Have you stopped to think about how many mobile devices you have? You probably have a smart phone, a tablet and a laptop. Each of these devices carries a substantial amount of personal and work data. What if you damaged your mobile device beyond repair? Are you able to recover your data and programs quickly? What if your device was lost or stolen, can you remotely lock it down?

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Benefits of our Managed IT Services Program :

  • Real-time “scalable” support – Help when you need it

    One of the best parts of having Accelera IT Solutions as your IT partner is always-available support. Whether your staff wants to connect with us via chat, support ticket, email, phone or on site, we're always available to assist. And since we have a whole team to provide support, we can scale up quickly to handle multiple problems with your technology. If you have five problems at the same time, we'll dedicate five technicians to get you back up and running quickly (even if they all have to come on site).

  • 99.99% uptime

    We install a small monitoring program on every device on your network which reports back to our network operations center in real-time. We can tell you when a hard dive is about to go bad; when a computer is almost out of system memory (RAM); when an unapproved program is loaded by an employee (application compliance); if a website that you are on is trying to install malware, and so much more. Our complete monitoring program ensures that maximum up-time is maintained – ultimately increasing everyone's productivity.

  • License Compliance

    Software vendors are increasingly sending out software audits to make sure your company owns the correct number of legitimate software licenses. We scan each computer weekly (and each time a program is loaded) to make sure your company has a valid license for that software. This ensures that when you are audited by Microsoft, etc., you will be in compliance. We also generate a report to send to your software provider to show compliance.

  • Application Compliance

    With as much time as your employees spend on the Internet, it is inevitable that they will try to install a program from a website which looks helpful. They may also try and download/install a new toolbar, “freeware” program, etc. Many of these have known compatibility issues with your existing programs and can cause network slowness and even a virus. We scan each computer in real time for any new program loaded on. If a program shows up that isn't on your approved list, we notify you immediately and uninstall the program quickly.

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