Information Security

Information Security

Information Security

It's all over the news these days about large companies being “hacked” into and having private customer data stolen. Although these large companies occupy the news, the facts show that the vast majority of hacking attempts are aimed at companies with 250 or fewer employees. Small and medium businesses often don't have a dedicated IT staff or a competent outside IT company to assist with computer, router and network setup. Often, password aren't changed or aren't complex enough and there is no plan in place for data protection or what to do after terminating an employee who had access to your customer data. Small and medium-sized business owners are often doing several jobs at once, and all it takes is one misstep to open a door for your company and customer data to be taken and sold online.


“It is a much quoted phrase in security today to say that getting compromised is inevitable. However, the value of having the right processes and technologies in place cannot be understated – and the lack of which can cause even bigger problems. Focusing on the right technologies will put certainty in your corner.”
- Hugh Thompson, VP and CTO – Blue Coat

Information Security for mobile devices

Have you stopped to think about how many mobile devices you have? You probably have a smart phone, a tablet and a laptop. Each of these devices carries a substantial amount of personal and work data. What if you damaged your mobile device beyond repair? Are you able to recover your data and programs quickly? What if your device was lost or stolen, can you remotely lock it down?

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    Benefits of our Information Security Program :

  • Router monitoring

    All the network traffic going into or out of your business passes through your router. This “traffic cop” knows all and sees all. We install a program on your router to watch all network traffic, looking for: signs of hacking attempts, malware that can turn one of your computers into an email spam server, access to inappropriate/unapproved websites by your staff, etc. Constant monitoring of network traffic is the only way to ensure your company and customer data is protected.

  • Protection from internal threats

    Many of the intrusions (hacking) into your data originate from inside your company. Whether it's an employee looking at files they shouldn't be, or a weak Wi-Fi setup that gets compromised by someone sitting in your parking lot with a laptop and Wi-Fi antenna, internal protection is just as important as external. We monitor all outgoing data and lock down your wireless access to minimize the chance of data getting into the wrong hands.

  • Creating an Information Security document

    We work with you to create a written document that outlines best practices and your company's policy on acceptable computer/network use. This document describes exactly what's allowed and what's expected from your employees to help them keep your data secure. This plan also spells out what to do if a suspected intrusion event is happening and how to report information security problems in the workplace.

  • Information Security 360 – legal and insurance

    A true Information Security program involves more than just protecting your data. We work with top-rated law firms and insurance companies who specialize in data breach liability protection. Although we protect your data and monitor your network traffic, we can't prevent against a trusted employee giving their password to a friend or having sensitive data on a flash drive that gets lost or stolen. With proper insurance and legal coverage, you are protected no matter what happens.

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