Industry Compliance

Industry Compliance

Industry Compliance

With the explosion of local and cloud-based data, the advent of digital records management has placed an enormous responsibility on businesses to comply with industry and governmental regulations. A single HIPAA, PCI or other industry-compliance violation can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars and a practical guarantee of a future audit. Having an end-to-end plan to train your staff and clearly define data access policies helps to greatly minimize the chance of a problem or unsuccessful audit. Accelera Data Systems works with clients in the medical, hospitality, accounting and legal industries and brings that experience to develop an industry compliance plan to your company.


“Employees play a key role in protecting a company's sensitive data. Low-tech methods like snooping, social engineering or phishing are common techniques used by hackers against employees to gain unauthorized access to corporate information. To overcome this threat, it's important to educate all employees on different ways information can be acquired through very low-tech methods and give them tools they can use, like protecting corporate data displayed on a laptop with a privacy filter while traveling or how to recognize phishing attacks, to help mitigate any risk.”
- Jim Garrett, chief information security officer – 3M

Industry Compliance for Mobile devices

Have you stopped to think about how many mobile devices you have? You probably have a smart phone, a tablet and a laptop. Each of these devices carries a substantial amount of personal and work data. What if you damaged your mobile device beyond repair? Are you able to recover your data and programs quickly? What if your device was lost or stolen, can you remotely lock it down?

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    Benefits of our Industry Compliance Program :

  • Create an end-to-end plan for training and follow-up

    We work with your key staff members to develop a policy for computer use, data access and Internet usage. This policy document is given to each employee for them to read and sign showing they understand your acceptable use policy and will adhere to it. This document is updated semi-annually (or more often as required) to ensure that changes to how you access and use data are reflected in the plan. A training overview is also created so you can train your staff to ensure no questions remain on what can trigger an industry compliance violation.

  • Quarterly scans of your entire network

    A large portion of any industry compliance audit is based on your digital world and “ open doors ” in your company's network and user devices. We use a deep-scan software tool that runs through your entire network and finds any holes, backdoors, etc. that exist on your system. Our software tool produces a report that we use to close any unnecessary doors (ports) on your network. With the increasing proliferation of malware, including key-logger programs, a deep scan is the only way to find potentially threatening programs that will have you failing an audit.

  • Experience with a wide range of clients

    Accelera IT Solutions manages the technology and data for a wide range of companies. We use this experience and knowledge to point out problems that an audit will bring up. We have seen a lot of issues and have cleaned up a lot of problems over the years, which will benefit your company by reducing the time needed to get you complaint. Experience dealing with the digital world and how it aligns with compliance will reinforce our goal of showing you how IT can be a profit center.

  • Ongoing education and support

    Our entire job is to keep your technology running and your data protected and accessible. Since we spend so much time training our own staff and interacting with other industry professionals, we will keep you informed of industry changes and new best practices. If you have a question about compliance, give it to us and we'll research it, test it in our server lab and then implement it into your network.

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