Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing  

Cloud computing has become the popular buzz term (even though it’s been around for over a decade) and presents opportunities for anywhere access to your data and resources. However, cloud computing, whether a public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid cloud structure, presents notable risks that have kept many companies on the sidelines. Cloud computing, in its simplest form, allows you to use a scalable amount of storage and processing power from a group of servers in a separate data center versus having all the equipment in your in-house servers. You only pay for the capacity and “horsepower” that you need which can change from month to month. However, with all the potential benefits, cloud computing requires a partner experienced in data access, information security and business continuity/disaster recovery to ensure that you are never without your data and computing resources.


“The adoption of cloud computing technologies by mid-sized organizations has allowed them to become more flexible, increase end-user involvement in managing their own infrastructure, and reduce the overall cost of IT services. However, midsize organizations have not taken this technology as far as it can go to fully transform the way their IT organization supports the lines of business.”
- The Aberdeen Group – technology research

Industry Compliance for Mobile devices

Have you stopped to think about how many mobile devices you have? You probably have a smart phone, a tablet and a laptop. Each of these devices carries a substantial amount of personal and work data. What if you damaged your mobile device beyond repair? Are you able to recover your data and programs quickly? What if your device was lost or stolen, can you remotely lock it down?

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    Benefits of our Cloud Computing Program :

  • A professional assessment of your needs

    No two cloud computing adoptions are the same. What works for a similar company in your industry might not work for you. We start by conducting a complete usage assessment and then provide a report to show you the options and costs that make the most sense for your cloud needs. Once the assessment has been approved, we create a go-live document that spells out each step and related timeline and milestones to ensure a smooth and strategic on-ramping to your new cloud resources.

  • Capability of building your cloud structure

    One of our key advantages is the fact that our parent company, Nova Mesa Computers, maintains a secure and professional data center (here in Arizona). We build and install our own servers in the data center and manage them seven days a week to ensure 99.99% uptime. This also allows for much more flexible and responsive service as we can make changes to your cloud structure in real time, even while sitting in your office.

  • Understanding of what the cloud isn’t

    Many service providers are eager to sell cloud computing services, software, etc. and will push you into one plan or another without a lot of explanation. We take the time to understand your needs and keep you informed about which direction to go, what resources to purchase, etc. We will be candid with you when it comes to realistic expectations of what the cloud is and what it isn’t. It may be that a cloud computing structure is not right for your company at all.

  • Part of our total Managed IT Services plan

    Although your cloud computing structure contains your software and data, it is folded in to our Managed IT Services plan in that all local and remote data and resources are monitored and maintained seven days a week. You’re never on your own, or having to work with multiple vendors to setup, maintain and troubleshoot a cloud deployment. We work hard to make sure you can focus all your time on what you do best.

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