Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

As technology finds its way into every aspect of your business, it has become critical to ensure that no matter what happens, you'll always have access to your data and computers. Threats from Mother Nature, from disgruntled employees and even employee mistakes can take you down and put your company in reverse. If you've ever lost files or experienced data theft, you know the short-term and long-term consequences of data loss and its direct effect on the continuation of your business. A professionally managed Business Continuity program ensures that your business keeps moving no matter what happens to your data and computers.


37% of small and medium businesses are out of business within one year of a catastrophic data loss. However, these days a data loss can come from an external or an internal source. A true Business Continuity plan is far more than just backing up your computer to an inexpensive external hard drive. That's only one of many steps to true Business Continuity.
– Matt Bullock, Nova Mesa Computers

Business Continuity for
mobile devices

Have you stopped to think about how many mobile devices you have? You probably have a smart phone, a tablet and a laptop. Each of these devices carries a substantial amount of personal and work data. What if you damaged your mobile device beyond repair? Are you able to recover your data and programs quickly? What if your device was lost or stolen, can you remotely lock it down?

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    Benefits of our Business Continuity program

  • Triple data redundancy

    We manage your data so that it's always in a minimum of three places at the same time: on your server/computer; on a redundant local backup device (we never use a single hard drive device like a home external hard drive) or backup server (for instant local restore); and in our off-site, secure data center. Our data center utilizes our own servers – we never outsource your data backup to an unknown cloud provider.

  • We have you back up and running in minutes

    We backup your entire server (and each computer if desired), not just the files on the server. If you use another backup company or cloud provider, they only backup the files. In the event of a server or computer crash, you have to manually reinstall the operating system and all programs. Then you connect to the cloud service and download your files. This can take up to 3 days. We have you back up and running in under 15 minutes either locally or from our data center.

  • Hot-swap computers and servers

    What if your server or key computer has a bad power supply, failed hard drive(s) or was damaged by flood, fire or was stolen? We keep desktops, laptops and servers in our office that can be brought to your office quickly to restore a backup and get you up and running locally. Combined with our ability to have your data available in minutes from our data center, we provide true 'data 360' to ensure your business continuity.

  • Real-time monitoring – 7 days/week

    A true Business Continuity program isn't much good unless your data and computers are being continually monitored. Our technicians never stop monitoring your technology in real-time, even at night and on weekends and holidays. Many problems happen when you're closed. The last thing you want is to come back in the morning to any data and computer problems. We alert you whenever potential issues arise and take the steps necessary to keep you running.

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