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The hospitality and restaurant business demands proactive guest service and maximizing food, labor and facilities costs. New software and computer technologies are helping your industry to maximize the bottom line and enhance the level of information available from the corporate office to retail sites, allowing them to make timelier, forward-thinking decisions. Our experience in the hospitality and restaurant space will help your company achieve better guest service and increase bottom-line efficiencies using correct technology.

"We have been working with Accelera IT Solutions for the past 3 years. We have found them to be very professional and extremely good at what they do. There is a certain comfort level to know someone is watching computers at our 26 restaurants and corporate offices. Updates are added to the computers on a timely basis. I would highly recommend them to anybody in need of this service."

– Rick Peterson, COO, Streets of New York Restaurants

How often should you be backing up your patient and office data? It's a great question with several options, including how much data you have and how long you can go . . .

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Our 3-step plan for advancing your growth :


Achieving cost efficiencies through correct technology

Although great guest service and great food will always be required in your industry, guests are increasingly expecting more ways to reserve, order and pay for your services and products. Guests are also price-shopping through the power of the Internet, so you need to implement the benefits of correct technology to maximize your revenue. With our years of experience in the hospitality and restaurant industry, we'll help you to leverage correct software, servers and cloud services to better monitor labor, food and facilities costs in addition to guest satisfaction rates.


PCI compliance for credit card data

As cybercrimes become more prevalent, credit card processors are putting more of the burden on your industry to make sure you have a plan in place for handling sensitive guest credit card data. However, correctly handling credit card data involves many steps outside of just protecting 'the plastic.' A typical PCI audit can require being current on more than 50 steps to avoid fines and potential loss of the ability to accept credit cards. We'll help you navigate the requirements and create a plan for ongoing compliance.


Setting up an acceptable use policy

Your industry has a wide range of employees: part time, full time, seasonal, experienced and inexperienced. Setting up a strong 'acceptable use' policy for your technology will help to ensure minimal problems with compliance and downtime. All employees need to understand and adhere to your computer and software usage policy to protect sales, inventory and guest data. We'll work with your key staff members to develop your policy and then provide audit reports to ensure that all staff are using technology correctly and protecting against potential liability.

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