The advances in construction-related computers and software over the past five years have been impressive. From 2-D and 3-D modeling software and powerful computer workstations, to remote access to corporate data, the speed and efficiency of construction is increasing. Our experience in the construction industry provides you with expertise in which technologies will help you to advance your growth and cost savings.

"We have been working with Accelera IT Solutions for several years now. We initially hired them to monitor and maintain our network servers and workstations. But after a few months, we realized that they could handle all of our computer and electronics needs. They monitor all of our workstations and servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And they let us know immediately when it appears that there is a problem or even a potential problem. They can log in remotely to any of our workstations and/or network servers to fix problems, add software and setup new users — usually within minutes. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone that is looking for a company to handle all of their IT needs. They are very good.

– Derek Wright, President, SUNTEC Concrete, Inc.

How often should you be backing up your patient and office data? It's a great question with several options, including how much data you have and how long you can go . . .

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Our 3-step plan for advancing your growth


Staying competitive through correct technology

Many construction companies have lost business or gone out of business altogether when a competitor implements correct technology for estimating, dispatching and project management. We'll help you develop and implement a future-proof technology plan to become more efficient and provide your customers with more accurate bids and efficient project management. From secure on-line folders for sharing updates with other contractors to interactive web portals for your customers to see progress on a job, we'll show you the opportunities of advancing technology.


Secure remote access to job-site data

One of the advantages of advancing technology is the ability to have anywhere, anytime access to your data. However, with remote access comes the opportunity for a security breakdown. We work with you to develop an "acceptable use" policy regarding remote access via laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. Our goal is to help you take advantage of the increased productivity and freedom that technology offers, without getting burned by compromised or lost customer data.


An R&D partner for new hardware and software

There are so many software programs available to run your business — cloud-based and on-site. We help you determine the best software to manage your company and make the job site more efficient and productive, even when you need access from a trailer in a remote area. We also work with you to determine which computers, servers, tablets and other hardware you should be purchasing to create a secure data environment and help your staff to be productive.

Let us show you how to
turn IT into a profit center.

When properly managed, it's no longer an expense.

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