What our customers are saying about us

For a number of years Potter’s House Apothecary was able to handle our IT needs on our own. It wasn’t until we hit a massive growth that we realized we could not handle the workload and troubleshooting on our own. We hired our first IT company and they had many promises we were impressed with. After working with them for almost one year we realized that they were clearly a specialist in printer supply and had a side business of IT support/service.

We decided to interview multiple IT companies and go a different direction. We met with Accelera IT Solutions and were immediately impressed with his ability to understand our business. Soon after selecting Nova Mesa Computers/Accelera Data we were ready for the transition. As head of operations this was extremely painful for me to consider switching companies without any loss of business in the process. I was more than pleasantly surprised as the transition was seamless.

We have continued to utilize many if not all of their offerings and we find them to be priced appropriately. We are not a business that looks for the cheapest price but the best service and that is why we feel that Accelera IT Solutions is such a good fit for us. Highly recommend them to be a partner in any business with IT needs.

Kevin Borg, http://www.pottershouserx.com/