Monthly Archives: January 2016

How do we become HIPAA compliant?

Becoming and staying HIPAA compliant has become a daunting task and affects more than just medical offices and healthcare providers. Vendors of those healthcare companies must learn and implement policies when dealing with any aspect of patient or pharmaceutical data. HIPAA compliance has become more focused on the technology component as so much of what…
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How can we make our computers last longer?

Your computers are a large investment for your company and do have a regular cleaning and upgrade schedule that should become part of your company routine. There are several factors that can shorten the life of your computer, causing a greater-than-needed investment in technology. Here are the items that provide the greatest predictors of how…
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How can I better protect my company data?

Data is your “baby” and needs to be treated as such. You can replace your computers, servers and laptops, but you can’t replace data once it’s lost. Whether it’s a failed hard drive, employee theft, accidental deletion or, as we have here in Phoenix, natural disasters like heavy rain that leaks through a roof onto…
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