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Accelera IT Solutions is your support partner in the ever-changing world of technology. You have a business to run with its own unique issues - the last thing anyone needs is a computer, server or network problem. Our proactive IT services program ensures that your computers, network and data are always monitored, protected and available. From HIPAA, PCI and other industry compliance to training your staff on acceptable technology use, we are your complete outsourced IT company who looks and feels like a member of your staff. You now have access to an enterprise-class technology partner at a small business price.

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Information Security

We constantly monitor internal and external network traffic looking for suspicious activity.

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Business Continuity

We protect your data and programs and keep them available no matter what happens.

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Managed IT Services

Real-time support and monitoring of all your computers, servers and networks.

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IT Services Phoenix

Accelera IT Solutions is a Phoenix, Arizona-based provider of complete IT services and solutions for small and medium size companies. Our IT solutions help businesses to harness the power and cost-saving features of technology, no matter what market they are in. Our goal is to show you how IT can be a profit center and not an expense.
Our IT solutions include on-site support, remote support, data backup and replication (to our secure data center), Business Continuity planning, consulting for HIPAA and PCI compliance, IT project management and cyber-security audits and planning. Accelera IT Solutions is a division of Nova Mesa Computers, a premier builder of performance business computers with sales to such companies as NASA, PayPal and U-Haul International. With our extensive experience in building, installing and maintaining computers, servers and networks, who better to manage your technology?
We provide IT Services to companies such as…

  • Streets of New York Restaurants (with 27 locations) to reduce their labor and food costs by providing faster and more complete access to sales and expense data.
  • We work with Suntec Concrete, one of the largest concrete companies in Arizona, by creating a secure, wide-area network for field supervisors to get access to real-time data including change-orders and updated architectural drawings.
  • We help Arrowhead Women's Center at Arrowhead Hospital, to stay HIPAA compliant through employee training, the creation of acceptable technology-use documents and secure, remote access to patient information.
  • We also work with Potter's House Apothecary, one of Arizona's largest compounding pharmacies, to increase patient service though automated voice and email response systems for prescriptions and doctor interaction.

Managed IT Services

Accelera IT Solutions offers complete IT support and IT consulting services through a flat-fee model, so you aren't charged for every time we come on-site or work with one of your vendors. Our pricing structure is simple and allows you to get a complete "IT 360" program from a team of support engineers, all at a small business price. And, with our flat-fee all-inclusive Managed IT Services Program, you will never be "nickeled and dimed" into frustration. You'll also get piece of mind knowing that all your data is securely backed up on site and replicated several items each day to our secure data center. Data is the life-blood of your business and we take that very seriously.

Cyber Security

With the continued increase in the number and severity of data intrusions, including viruses and malware, Accelera IT Solutions monitors and manages every aspect of your network for Information Security, from your incoming Internet connection, through your network router and into each computer, server and laptop. We are constantly looking for any intrusion, from inside or outside of your company, which can compromise your sensitive employee and customer information. This approach helps to greatly reduce your liability and exposure to the effects of data intrusion.

IT Solutions

We take a comprehensive approach to helping you to extend the life of your technology and maximize your investment in new technology. Our hardware management and monitoring program (included in the monthly flat-fee) ensures that your computers, servers, laptops, etc. are always running and performing correctly so your employees are maximizing their productivity and not stressed with under-performing computer systems. With our monitoring systems in place, we are alerted to hardware or software concerns before you or your staff are even aware, so we can remediate issues before they become real problems.

Accelera IT Solutions in Phoenix also specializes in hardware consulting and installation, in addition to setup of servers, workstation, laptops and desktops. Contact Accelera IT Solutions at 623-266-4190 today.